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iPhone Fridays


iPhone Fridays


Country roads, take me home…

I can almost taste the funnel cakes, corndogs and cotton candy… Mmm…
IMG_2147W   IMG_2171W IMG_2175WIMG_2166WIMG_2143W

Country roads, take me home…

The 2013 Grand Feature Parade at The Mountain State Forest Festival in Elkins, WV.


























Five Years Ago Today ❤

Our plane was supposed to leave at 10 pm but it was delayed in Los Angeles, we didn’t leave Honolulu airport until 3 am, but that was ok because they fixed the plane and we got to Las Vegas safely. Because of the delays we wound up hopscotching our way home, in Vegas we had a long layover so we tried to catch some Zzz’s. Then it was,
Hello Albuquerque.
Albuquerque May 17th ❤Hello ABQ May 17th ❤
Say goodbye to “The Burque” (as my relatives that live there call it).
The Burque May 17th ❤Bye ABQ May 17th ❤
Hello / Goodbye El Paso.
Hello ELP May 17th ❤Bye ELP May 17th ❤
After 22 hours in airports and on planes, I am home and I still miss Maui.
SAT May 17th ❤
The day after I got home, I found this video online and it had a great way of describing my emotions. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey and here’s to all of us finding our forever! ❤

Five Years Ago Today ❤

Aloha Kakahiaka or Good Morning, I was learning because the Surfrider changes out the elevator mats according to time of day! 😉
This was our breakfast view from The Veranda, looks pretty quiet.
Breakfast view May 16th ❤
It was but we surfed it anyway and then played at the beach in front of the hotel.
WaterCam May 16th ❤
Sooo…. you go down this trail and come out…
Down the trail May 16th ❤
here… WHOA! Waimea Bay!
Whoa! May 16th ❤
These dudes were worried about the “Lil’ Brah” going in.
Lil' Brah May 16th ❤Body Surfin' May 16th ❤
YES!!! … Oh! Maybe not…
Yes! May 16th ❤Maybe not May 16th ❤
They to see when the wave is coming in and then the juuuuump…
Checking it out May 16th ❤Going for it May 16th ❤Wave watcher May 16th ❤Splash May 16th ❤
You have to love girl power!
Girl Power May 16th ❤Nice! May 16th ❤Skimboarding May 16th ❤
It works better with out the shirt … lol!
Again May 16th ❤
A quiet day at Waimea.
Wave mouth May 16th ❤Crash May 16th ❤
Back up the trail and the view from mid-way up the trail.
Up trail May 16th ❤Trial view May 16th ❤
The view from the top.
Rock line May 16th ❤
Waimea from the car…
Waimea  Bay May 16th ❤
on the way to Sunset Beach.
Sunset Beach May 16th ❤
Proper May 16th ❤Aloha May 16th ❤
We enjoyed a great dinner at Duke’s Waikiki…
Duke's May 16th ❤May 16th ❤
said Aloha to Diamondhead and The Moana Surfrider and headed to the airport.
Aloha Diamondhead May 16th ❤

Five Years Ago Today ❤

Good Morning Diamondhead!
Diamondhead May 15th ❤
Not nearly as big as Lahaina’s Banyan Tree but still impressive!
Banyan Tree May 15th ❤
Across from the Surfrider is the International Marketplace, both it and Waikiki Town Center are built on land that was owned by Queen Emma Kaleleonalani, a humanitarian beloved by her people. She joined her husband King Kamehameha IV in a personal crusade to stem the decline of native Hawaiians.
Intl Marketplace May 15th ❤
Today, we are headed out to the North Shore, Baby!
North Shore May 15th ❤Hale'iwa May 15th ❤
This is called, “A Lesson in Patience”.
Patience May 15th ❤
After spending a few hours there we went over to Ehukai Beach Park, aka the one… the only… the very quiet 😉 Bonzai Pipeline!
Ehukai Beach Park May 15th ❤Quiet May 15th ❤
Pipe May 15th ❤
The Blues May 15th ❤
Bonzai Pipeline May 15th ❤RIP Ronnie Burns May 15th ❤
Learned a new word on this trip… Vog!
The Vog May 15th ❤
While not a whole lot of respiratory fun, the vog does make for some very cool pictures.
Mountains in the Vog May 15th ❤
Driving back in five o’clock traffic I can’t help but think, this is a pretty sweet view if you’re stuck in traffic.
Commute May 15th ❤
Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu, these are a must for me… heeheehee! I can’t wait to go check out the new one in Waikiki!
HRC Honolulu May 15th ❤
I bow down to the gods of surf!
Pray for Surf May 15th ❤
The view from our room at night.
Nite Y'all May 15th ❤