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Japanese Tea Garden (Sunken Garden) III

In 1983 the San Antonio City Council ordained that the original name of “Japanese Tea Garden” be restored to the site.

In consideration of the number of Japanese-Americans who fought honorably on the side of the United States during World War II.

The Japanese Tea Garden is a beloved San Antonio place, for nearly a century it has been an oasis for visitors from around the world.

Described by “Architectural Record” as, “A remarkable adaptation of design to existing conditions”, the garden is a registered Texas Historic Landmark and listed on The National Register of Historic Places.

The Japanese Tea Garden’s timeless beauty will continue to enchant visitors for generations.

*The above picture was taken as an homage to my Mom who brought me here in the mid-eighties to photograph the garden, a similar picture taken by her hangs in the hallway of my house. The following shot is my favorite of this series, my husband helped me climb to a spot where I was able to shoot the garden from overhead and catch the San Antonio Skyline in the distance.

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  1. Nelle

    Truly beautiful images! Awesome!

    October 21, 2012 at 8:49 PM

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