Hola & Aloha

Five Years Ago Today ❤

Aloha Kakahiaka or Good Morning, I was learning because the Surfrider changes out the elevator mats according to time of day! 😉
This was our breakfast view from The Veranda, looks pretty quiet.
Breakfast view May 16th ❤
It was but we surfed it anyway and then played at the beach in front of the hotel.
WaterCam May 16th ❤
Sooo…. you go down this trail and come out…
Down the trail May 16th ❤
here… WHOA! Waimea Bay!
Whoa! May 16th ❤
These dudes were worried about the “Lil’ Brah” going in.
Lil' Brah May 16th ❤Body Surfin' May 16th ❤
YES!!! … Oh! Maybe not…
Yes! May 16th ❤Maybe not May 16th ❤
They to see when the wave is coming in and then the juuuuump…
Checking it out May 16th ❤Going for it May 16th ❤Wave watcher May 16th ❤Splash May 16th ❤
You have to love girl power!
Girl Power May 16th ❤Nice! May 16th ❤Skimboarding May 16th ❤
It works better with out the shirt … lol!
Again May 16th ❤
A quiet day at Waimea.
Wave mouth May 16th ❤Crash May 16th ❤
Back up the trail and the view from mid-way up the trail.
Up trail May 16th ❤Trial view May 16th ❤
The view from the top.
Rock line May 16th ❤
Waimea from the car…
Waimea  Bay May 16th ❤
on the way to Sunset Beach.
Sunset Beach May 16th ❤
Proper May 16th ❤Aloha May 16th ❤
We enjoyed a great dinner at Duke’s Waikiki…
Duke's May 16th ❤May 16th ❤
said Aloha to Diamondhead and The Moana Surfrider and headed to the airport.
Aloha Diamondhead May 16th ❤

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