Hola & Aloha

Five Years Ago Today ❤

Today we go to Lahaina Town, I read that their Banyan Tree is one of the oldest in the United States but nothing prepared me for how big this tree is. It is an Indian Banyan that was planted in 1873 by Sheriff William Owen Smith, it takes up most of the block.
The Banyan Tree May 11th ❤
What a wonderful way to browse the local artist’s wares than under the shade of a huge tree. Jack is getting restless and wants to go surfing. 😉
Center of the Banyan Tree May 11th ❤
Downtown Lahaina
Downtown Lahaina May 11th ❤
This sign made me smile and giggle.
We're going surfing! May 11th ❤
The next two photos were taken by Ric Larsen, who while talking to us, told us to keep and eye out for his son’s Westley and Granger who at the time were up and coming surfers. 😉
This is Gene our Royal Hawaiian Surf Guide knocking off… I think.
Gene May 11th ❤
THIS was going on in the background while we were surfing, that tail slap usually means, going to be under for a long time.
Tail Slap May 11th ❤
I always visit the Hard Rock Cafe’s when I travel, I love to check out the memorabilia, I must agree the Lahaina Hard Rock is Mai Tai Kool!
Mai Tai Kool May 11th ❤
This Houli!!! HAha! 😀 Jack and King Kamehameha I
Kamehameha I, a warrior chief became “Lord Over the Hawaiian Islands”, after his victory at the battle of Nu’uanu in O’ahu. After his death his remains were secreted to a place unknown and his mana (life force) continues to watch over Hawai’i.
Houli May 11th ❤
Not a whole lot to say except, “Le Sigh”.
Le Sigh May 11th ❤
There really is no better way to spend an afternoon than under palm fronds…
Palms May 11th ❤
in a hammock.
Hammock May 11th ❤
Heaven, I’m in heaven ♪ ♫
Heaven May 11th ❤

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