Hola & Aloha

Short Sweet Sunday

Because of the date I was going to begin an extended post today on pictures from my last visit to NYC. I was having trouble motivating and was lying on the couch looking outside when I saw one of the outside cats touching something that would jump every time she pawed at it. The drought has turned my whole back yard to hay (for lack of better description) so it wasn’t too hard to see what was going on. At first I thought she had a frog but when I went outside to inspect her prey closer I realized she had a little chameleon. I happen to be particularly fond of these little guys and he actually jumped on my shoe and tried to climb up my leg to escape so I reached down and picked him up to save him.
Leaping Lizard
He was so exhausted from trying to get away from her that he let me take a couple of pics once I got him onto the porch. I decided that he needed somewhere safe to hide so I let him loose in a big philodendron.
Little Dude
When I picked him up in the yard he was mottled brown and looking very stressed out but once I placed him on the plant he turned bright vibrant green. He sat and looked at me for a while I think in a bit of disbelief and then crawled off to do whatever lizards do. Thanks for the pics and the inspiration for the post Little Dude I hope you live a long life and have many little leeezards.

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