Hola & Aloha

Short Sweet Sunday

A little over two years ago I rescued nine kittens; while I found homes for five of them, I wound up with four. Fritz was the youngest, he was the runt and the one who required a great deal of attention as he was the most malnourished. While caring for him I had no idea he would grow into such a cool cat. He is my enforcer and he cracks me up because if you mess with Mom (Me) he is the cat you have to answer to. He comes to the door to greet me whenever I come home, he is the first cat to talk to me every morning when I wake up and I can rest assured at some point during the day he will do something to make me burst out laughing. This cat makes everything I went through to rescue them worth it everyday. So it is with great affection that I share with you a couple of my favorite shots of Fritz.

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