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To the Barrier Island we go… part 3

We’ve now arrived in what is probably the most well known part of Padre Island, Port Aransas. 🙂 The Horace Caldwell pier is on the public beach and a place I have visited many times before. The piers are not expensive to gain access to and worth the admission price to walk down to the end, see what other people are catching and get a different look at the town.
Horace Caldwell Pier
The lady at the gate said I should hang around until the cute fishermen came out at 6 o’clock but I’ve always been a little more partial to surfers.
This is Texas and we may not get the huge waves other places get but that doesn’t mean we won’t get out and catch a wave or two. It’s kind of hard to see but this young dude gave me a shaka when he saw mean snapping shots.
This kid was actually pretty good and you could tell he was having a blast.
Giving thanks
I like the way the sun reflected off the water in this next shot, I was out there late in the afternoon and the sun was getting closer to the bay.
Fading sunlight
As soon as I saw this guy I thought Pau Hana because if I lived here it is definitely what I would be doing after work.
Pau Hana
I couldn’t help myself I had to take a picture under the pier before I went to play in the water.
Under Horace Caldwell
My time on the coast had come to an end and it was time to go, I was leaving a different way than I came in and that was through the ferry, as a child I loved to get out of the car and look at the most traveled entrance to the bay; sometimes you could see big oil tankers coming and going, sometimes there are dolphins at play.
Time to go :(
This is how you know you got a good spot on the ferry and are likely to be one of the first ones off and on your way to Aransas Pass which begins the journey home.
Best seat on the ferry
These are but a few of the beaches in Texas and I very much encourage you to visit as many of them as you can but please, always remember to respect the locals as they maintain them and please pick up after yourself so that we leave them pristine and beautiful for others.

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