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To the Barrier Island we go… part 1

So as promised we are headed out to Padre Island which is the barrier island for Corpus Christi Bay. I decided to be able capture as much of the island as I could I would head in from the south and drive north, so I jumped on South Padre Island Drive and cruised over the John F Kennedy Memorial Causeway to get to Padre Island. By the way, I did not take pictures of it but under the Causeway on the island side there is an excellent restaurant called Snoopy’s that I have been eating at for years; it is a great place to sit outside, grab a burger and enjoy yourself. Once I crossed the causeway I headed south on SPID and went out to the Bob Hall Pier…
Bob Hall Pier
a place I came many times with my father when I was younger, I can remember countless hours on this pier looking out into the distance…
Standing on Bob Hall
and fishing. There is nothing more relaxing than being out here for hours on end with the roar of the wind in your ears.
As with everything I have to crawl all over the place to get a different view but I learned how neat the bottom side of piers looked while hiding from the sun.
Piering out into space.
It was late morning on the beautiful Texas gulf coast, I could sit on the beach and stare out at the water forever but I do think the view would be a bit better if the drilling platforms were not out in the distance.
Quiet Morning
It was also way out there that you could see the coming rain, it is so awesome to watch rain approaching from so far away, to be able to see it falling in the distance while still sitting in the sunshine.
And then came the rain...
So I jumped in the car and headed north to the mouth of the Packery Channel which is bordered on both sides by jetties, as you can see there are some people kayaking just past the jetties.
Mouth of the Packery Channel
As I was walking back along the jetties to continue my voyage I saw something I have seen more of in Hawaii than in the Texas gulf a Honu or sea turtle, there were actually two and they seemed to be be dancing but I only got a good shot of the one.
The jetties are created by huge granite blocks which have been placed on either side; besides being a serene place to sit and listen to the water; it is an awesome place to observe the small sea life that teams around them. One just has to be careful as sometimes they are slippery and you can windup in the water a great deal faster than you thought. 😉
Edge of the Jetties
Soon we will head north and explore more of the island to escape the heat in the heart of Texas, the heat index was 110 degrees today so I hope the pictures of the coast made you feel at least a little cooler.

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