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Luminaria: Arts Night

Luminaria is an annual celebration of artists for every major discipline; one can find everything from dance, theater, poetry readings, music, painting, sculpture, and film, held at night it is a breath-taking sight to behold and one that as a San Antonio resident you definitely do not want to miss. Luminaria is located in downtown San Antonio at Hemisfair Park which was built-in 1968 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the founding of San Antonio and was also to host the 1968 World’s Fair.
Within the park is The Tower of the Americas, standing at 750 feet tall it has offered breathtaking views of the Alamo City for 35 years, it is surrounded by the six national flags that have flown over Texas. Texas was under the Spanish flag from 1519-1685 and then again from 1690-1821, under France from 1685-1690, under Mexico from 1821-1836, following which point we became our own republic from 1836-1845, in 1845 Texas joined the union and became the 28th star on the flag of the United States of America, however in 1861 with the outbreak of the civil war Texas flew the Confederate flag from 1861-1865, after the war we then returned to the glorious Star Bangled Banner which we fly to this day. You can see almost all of these flags surrounding the Tower in the photograph below.
Six Flags
The Institute of Texan Cultures has many collections and exhibits that document both the history and growth of our great state. This particular evening it was lite with both abstract art and a beautiful slide show.
Institute of Texan Cultures
Many artists are able to display their wares on the fair grounds and this display of colorful abstract art was quite a sight to behold.
Art on the lawn
This intriguing exhibit reminded me of colorful illuminated lollipops.
Lit lollipops
At the edge of the Lollipops was a striking illuminated rooster.
Cellophane Rooster
I’m not quite sure which mythical creature this person was but I liked their monochromatic theme and the attention to detail.
Mythical Creature
This giant sculpture is always on display but fit right in with all the other art exhibits that night.
I must say this piece really struck my fancy as The Lady in Red.
Lady in Red
She then promptly changed into the Lady in Blue.
Lady in Blue
When she metamorphosed once again I simply decided to call her the Lady.
The following is an homage to one of the favorite soft drinks of all Texans, even when we wander far from home we must always get a Big Red fix once we return.
Big Red
With the Riverwalk being one of the main attractions to San Antonio, it is quite easy to find other small waterways with in the area; I love that this one was lite up in blue.
Ice 9
Alas we say good-bye to Luminaria to which we will return again next year, I couldn’t resist one last look at the illuminated entrance to the park.
As well as a parting view of the majestic tower.
Distant Tower
I hope you’ve enjoyed a brief bit of Texas history and am excited to tell you my next post will be for someone very close to me as the pictures are some of their favorite ones that I have taken.

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