Hola & Aloha

Rebel Rebel

Let us begin by saying that cyber Monday was a good day and there were some very good deals; this post is so late in coming because it took time to play with the new toy coming from point and shoots previously, they were some interesting and fun differences to get used to. So this post is to share a few of the fun trial shots I took enjoying the Rebel.
The first shot I took was of a full moon, I loved the haze that was created around the moon. It is said that this foretells rain because of the moisture in the air.
Moon Haze
The next night I was lucky enough to catch the beginnings of a lunar eclipse, in this first picture the shadow of the earth is barely visable.
First Shadow
There is only slightly more of the moon covered here but I really liked the odd color of the haze around it.
Beginning of the Eclipse
This is about as far as it got before the cloudy skies obscured the whole thing but it was still a thrilling experience to capture what I did of it.
Partial Lunar Eclipse
This is actually one I took on the morning of the snow day; I was playing with the macro setting and loved that it caught the kitty tracks in the snow.
Kitty Snow Prints
I hate to admit but this guy is one of my favorite late night visitors, he comes right up to the sliding glass door and looks around like y’all got food in there but don’t be fooled he is actually pretty good sized.
Midnight Visitor
Hope you enjoyed my discovery time as much as I did. Buenas Noches for now. 🙂

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