Hola & Aloha

Hola and Aloha

Hola and Aloha! You may be wondering why the double greeting; well, Aloha is a spirit and lifestyle, if you have ever been to Hawai’i and been touched by it you are a lucky person indeed. Hola is a common greeting for where I live, in South Texas Hola is a little more the norm than Howdy. This is my very first blog and I would guess that it is the same with all new bloggers, where you face the overwhelming decision on what to post first. I actually pondered over it all night and was still undecided in the morning. I finally thought that I had picked a subject and then I walked outside and was lucky to have a brand new photo opportunity literally at my door step. These are a few of the flowers that are strong enough to brave the heat and produce beautiful blooms for us.
White Double Bloom Hibiscus
This is my double bloom white Hibiscus. This plant is the finickiest of all my blooming plants and only blooms once every two years but when it does it is stunningly beautiful.
Stripey Bloom
One of my two red double blooms Hibiscus. I enjoy taking pictures from under or behind things; in some ways it is like having the view it has, I also like that it is a different perspective, in this particular picture it shows off the pretty yellow striping on back.
I am not brilliant with roses but I do adore the ones called Peace, I am quite amazed that they are doing so well for as far into summer as we are, just don’t ask to see my water bill … I kidd, I kidd. If you’re wondering why I keep mentioning the heat, it is because today the heat index was 106 degrees around 5pm; I wasn’t kidding about the “relentless sun”.
White and pink single bloom Hibiscus
My white single bloom hibiscus and it’s hot pink center, it is a flower that I have always adored because of it’s simplicity.
The white double bloom looking toward the sun. I told you I like weird angles. 😉
Red Double Bloom Hibiscus
One of the red double blooms, these blooms are so heavy the plant hangs down with the weight. Both plants have done remarkably well this year and have been blooming consistently.
Young Peace
Another Peace Rose about to bloom, these are very fragrant; it is a wonderful scent to be surrounded with when I am outside playing plant.
So many people think of Hibiscus when they think of Hawai’i, I think of Plumeria. 🙂 I wanted to catch the flower from the angle you see most often. I have quite a few different colors of Hibiscus and it seems as if each one is just as vivid as the next. I am lucky they do well for me as they are always an excellent last-minute summer hair accessory.
I thought I would include a picture of my very small friend, it is not from today but a few days ago; however, I suspect he might be the star of the post. I think he is the smallest chameleon I’ve ever seen and was thrilled to be able to capture this shot.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed a glance into a sublime South Texas Saturday afternoon; it has been great fun putting this together for you. Who knows where we’ll go next but you might want to pack your sunblock. 😉

2 responses

  1. We lived in Austin 5 yrs, besides the Habicus
    My husband planted a small Palm tree. our son
    stills lives in Austin. when we visit we go
    look. the Palm tree is taller then our Log
    home my husband built. he also grew about 10 different rose bushes. sorry to say the people
    who bought it, has not taken care of it. the
    husband died, but the money they payed I can’t
    figure why she did not sell. Instead of letting it get run down,

    March 29, 2011 at 11:32 AM

  2. I loved Hawaii was there 3 times 1978
    2003 AND 2007 Maui was favorite.

    March 29, 2011 at 11:39 AM

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