Hola & Aloha

Five Years Ago Today ❤

Good Morning Diamondhead!
Diamondhead May 15th ❤
Not nearly as big as Lahaina’s Banyan Tree but still impressive!
Banyan Tree May 15th ❤
Across from the Surfrider is the International Marketplace, both it and Waikiki Town Center are built on land that was owned by Queen Emma Kaleleonalani, a humanitarian beloved by her people. She joined her husband King Kamehameha IV in a personal crusade to stem the decline of native Hawaiians.
Intl Marketplace May 15th ❤
Today, we are headed out to the North Shore, Baby!
North Shore May 15th ❤Hale'iwa May 15th ❤
This is called, “A Lesson in Patience”.
Patience May 15th ❤
After spending a few hours there we went over to Ehukai Beach Park, aka the one… the only… the very quiet 😉 Bonzai Pipeline!
Ehukai Beach Park May 15th ❤Quiet May 15th ❤
Pipe May 15th ❤
The Blues May 15th ❤
Bonzai Pipeline May 15th ❤RIP Ronnie Burns May 15th ❤
Learned a new word on this trip… Vog!
The Vog May 15th ❤
While not a whole lot of respiratory fun, the vog does make for some very cool pictures.
Mountains in the Vog May 15th ❤
Driving back in five o’clock traffic I can’t help but think, this is a pretty sweet view if you’re stuck in traffic.
Commute May 15th ❤
Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu, these are a must for me… heeheehee! I can’t wait to go check out the new one in Waikiki!
HRC Honolulu May 15th ❤
I bow down to the gods of surf!
Pray for Surf May 15th ❤
The view from our room at night.
Nite Y'all May 15th ❤

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