Hola & Aloha

Five Years Ago Today ❤

Well, I’ve never really been a morning person, always much more of a night owl but when there is a FIVE hour time difference; it is surprisingly easy to wake at daybreak.
Early Morning May 9th ❤
I love the beach so the first thing I did was run out to the water.
On da beach May 9th ❤
Look it is a relative of my little buddies back home but this lil’ dude is a bit bigger than the Texas Ghost Crabs. No, I did not try to touch him.
Lil' Buddy May 9th ❤
I am sitting on a palm stump right in front of our room, ours is the third lanai back on the ground level.
You are here May 9th ❤
When I see this picture looking out over Lana’i, I can still feel the crispness of that morning’s breeze.
Lana'i May 9th ❤
As much as I didn’t want to tear myself away, there were errands to be run. While we were in a small business park, I noticed there was a board shaper in one of the bays, I stuck my head in explained I was from Texas and had only seen this done in videos. Sooo… Bob “Ole” Olson, showed us around and even showed off some of his most coveted pieces.
Bob "Ole" Olsen May 9th ❤
After that we were headed to Kehei, so as we drove along Honoapiilani Highway Molokini Crater was visible.
Molokini May 9th ❤
Whoa! Hey! I thought this was a dormant volcano… nah, it’s just the smoke from the burning of sugarcane fields.
Burning Cane May 9th ❤
Ok, so I really am bummed that this picture came out blurry but it was taken out of the window of a moving vehicle. Why, a mall sign you’re asking? In hispanic culture there is the “Cucuy”, a boogie man of sorts that children are teased about. For example, if you misbehave the Cucuy will get you. Kukui (a nut) and Cucuy are pronounced the same, so when we passed this I was amused to think the Cucuy has his own mall and theaters.
Cucuy May 9th ❤
You can barely see the wind turbines on the ridge as we head back to West Maui.
Wind Turbines May 9th ❤
The bird on the right was dreadfully ashamed of the raucous behavior of its mate on the left.
Let meh in May 9th ❤Bird May 9th ❤
So did I mention our resort had birds?
Surf's Up May 9th ❤
He’s looking at you thinking, “Yes, we are birds!”
Penguins May 9th ❤
As I admired the setting sun, I found myself enchanted by the constant sound of the wind in the palms.
Sunset May 9th ❤

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