Hola & Aloha

Five Years Ago Today ❤

Five years ago today I woke up before the sun in San Antonio, Texas and was on the tarmac by the time it was rising. Our plane accelerated, the front wheel left the ground, then it came back down and they turned around! I thought, “I’d BETTER NOT die before I get there!” Thirty minutes later we were airborne…
When the sun had been up for a while I look out my window and what should I see but The Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon
Hello Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Goodbye Las Vegas
Las Vegas
HelllloooO Honolulu
Goodbye Honolulu
I have wanted to visit this place since the sixth grade!
Aloha Maui! ❤❤❤
Lei’d as soon as we got to the resort.
The view of the setting sun from our Lanai
Lanai View

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