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At the moment we are still wandering around DUMBO, I turned back as dusk was approaching and caught this awesome view of the Manhattan Bridge lite up against a purplish sky. It has a total length of 6,855 feet, with a main span of 1,470 feet and the length of the suspension cables is 3,224 feet. This bridge was featured in Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake of King Kong.
Manhattan Bridge at Dusk
After checking out several art exhibits in one of the warehouses in DUMBO and stopping for an exceptional piece of pizza at the world famous Grimaldi’s I decided to walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge. By the way Grimaldi’s does not disappoint, should you ever find yourself in Brooklyn it is definitely the best pizza you will ever have but expect a line as there almost always is one but trust me the wait is well worth it. In this picture of the Brooklyn Bridge you really get a sense of how the cable work looks like spider webs, it is funny because it does not feel like that as you are walking across it but it is very easy to see in the picture.
Brooklyn Bridge at Night
This is what it looks like when you enter the bridge and it is quite easy to imagine what New Yorkers felt like in the late 1800’s being able to cross for the first time between boroughs.
Walking the Bridge
I found that rather than walking the bridge it was actually a trip of stopping in many places and standing in awe of it’s beauty, the caissons seem to tower far into the sky and the stone work that creates them is absolutely magnificent.
Gothic Beauty
Mid way across the bridge I stopped to take a picture of the skyline and the Manhattan Bridge, you can even see a subway car beginning it’s journey across the bridge on the lower right side.
City Lights
Closer to the end of the bridge I took another picture of the skyline to show how all the lights illuminate the clouds, there is probably no skyline as easily recognized as the Manhattan skyline.
Night Sky
This is the caisson on the Manhattan side, I figured it would only be proper to have a picture of both of them even though they are identical.
Looking back at Brooklyn
Of course with my strange fetish for standing next to things and taking pictures straight up I had to take one here as well. I am actually standing with my stomach against the caisson and shooting straight up the stone work with makes the arch work look absolutely exquisite.
Lookingup at the bridge
Once I left Brooklyn I felt the urge to go someplace I’d never been before, I have been to New York four times so now when I visit I try to see or do things I haven’t done before; while I have previously had dinner in the Rainbow Room I had never been to The Top of the Rock. The ride up in the sky shuttle is quite fun, as the glass elevators zoom to the top they project images on the ceiling from the 1930’s to present and as if that is not enough fun once you reach the light and sound sensitive room you will defiantly regress to a five year old. I found myself running around like a five year old just to see what happened, so here is a reflection of myself; however, I am not running around making a fool of myself in it.
Self-protrait at theTop of the Rock
Top of the Rock is at 30 Rockefeller Center which is itself a city within a city and while the observation deck is not as high as the Empire State building the views are equally as impressive.
The Empire State Building
When you come back down to ground level you find yourself under this intricate Swarovsky design that made me wonder if Kal-El new some of his crystals were missing.
Swarovski at The Top of the Rock
Finally we come to the world famous Radio City Music Hall, home of the Rockets; if you happen to be in New York around Christmas time their Christmas Spectacular is a must see. Opened in 1932, it is one of the largest indoor theaters with 6,200 seats.
Radio City Music Hall
Tomorrow I will for Sort Sweet Sunday leave you with the last shots of New York and we shall have to wait and see what the month of Rocktober brings.

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