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To the Barrier Island we go… part 2

Today we are under a level two heat advisory which means we are encouraged to get to or stay in an air-conditioned facility, so in order to stay cool I thought we’d head north on the Texas Gulf coast. I headed up 361 and out to JP Luby Surf park, since the waves were small there was… well, no one there but this dude was hanging out trying to catch some lunch.
Hungry Bird
It really was a gorgeous day and the water did feel awesome but as you can see there were no waves to be caught.
JP Luby Surf Park
Every once in a while I’ll throw in a self-portrait but because nothing I do is ordinary even these are a little off kilter, so yeah, this is me. 🙂
I then headed further north to Mustang Island State Park and was hanging out between the jetties when I found a little friend. Can you see my little buddy? He’s a little above the center of the shot.
Can you see him?
Ok, well, in case you didn’t find him … this is a close up of my friend. I’ve been catching these guys since I was a kid and when you chase them you tend to look like a fool running all over the beach looking down at the sand. I have always called them Sand Crabs but I think their proper name is Ghost Crabs because they are so hard to see on the sand. They get much bigger and tend to be nocturnal but will sometimes venture out during the day. Every time I look at this I think this poor little dude is probably thinking, “Please put me down lady!”
Ghost crab
Another bird, this guy wasn’t fishing as much as he was strutting around trying to look cool but I’ll give him props for owning his style.
Wading bird
Of course I had to climb up on to the jetties and this is my view looking out from them.
Looking off the jetties
From the left I was looking over to the right at what was at one time the mouth of Fish Pass; however, over time this water way has dried up and no longer continues from bay to beach so Fish Pass can now only be found bay side but the jetties are still here. You get some pretty cool wave breaks between them but it is rather narrow and the beach here has more broken shells than elsewhere as they are crushed against the rocks.
Once the mouth of Fish Pass
I walked out almost to the end of the right jetty and as you can see it was a really quite day, there were few fisher folk or water people out; the gulf itself was very quiet on this day too.
Mustang Island
So I say goodbye to the state park and headed north so I hope you’ll join me next time as we hit up the other edge of the island.

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