Hola & Aloha


So I was still playing with the Rebel when I took these shots. These were taken over a period of weeks on various days. Spring is brief in South Texas, it is not long before it is hot here and so we savor the cool spring days because we know soon the summer sun will be scorching.
This first shot was taken after a small morning rain, the sky was still overcast which always tends to make this particular hibiscus look like it is glowing. I have always loved the fresh feeling after rain and took delight in catching this flower with raindrops still on it.
Impending warfare or getting to know each other, I don’t know anything about the social behavior of wasps but I can tell you that a nest is now where they were that day. I am actually terrified of wasps and shot this with a telephoto lens while laying on the driveway so as to be as far away as possible. 😉
Kissy kissy
I truly am not a very big fan of orange at all but I am always so happy I purchased this hibiscus. It has often has big vibrant bright blooms and when it does, it reminds me of the friend that I was shopping with when I bought it.
These next three shots are of an intriguing bush that has been in the backyard since the house was purchased, we do not know what it is but it blooms earlier than anything else around; usually in early February, the bees seem to love it.
In fact the whole bush is buzzing with them when it is in full bloom.
Pink Flowers
It is an incredibly beautiful sight, the whole thing is covered in clusters of these pink flowers, they all fall off and the whole thing remains emerald green through summer, until it looses it’s leaves again in fall.
Flower Cluster
These flowers mean the beginning of spring and I who am not a huge fan of cold weather always welcome them. Sooo…. what comes next, who knows but I hope you’re ready to catch some beads.

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