Hola & Aloha


Since the Rebel was still very much new, I decided to play with some of the settings while capturing why I love Christmas. I do love that at this time of year people are for the most part nicer to each other and I absolutely love to give people gifts but I adore all the sparkley decorations and lights of the Christmas Season.
I love peace signs, probably because my parents were hippies but I recently learned the symbol is the semaphore (using flags to communicate over a distance) symbols for “N” and “D” encircled. The it was created for part of the nuclear disarmament campaign and that is why those letters were chosen.
While I like to put up many trees (usually seven) and I joke that the house is a mini-forest, this the big tree and the center of attention.
The Big Tree
It is probably because snow is so rare in Texas that I love all decorations with snowflakes.
I was so proud of myself for throwing the decoration on the corner of the table together after my cats broke the oil lamp that was there; alas, the decoration barely made it past Christmas morning before the cats took it out.
Cat sacrifice
This one of my favorite decorations because of the colors.
For our annual Christmas Party I like to have the whole house non-traditionally lite which with as many decorations as I have isn’t too hard.
Candles & Xmas lights
I absolutely adore they way these catch whatever light is closest to them.
I am a self professed Hello Kitty freak; one of the seven trees is solely a Hello Kitty tree but this is one of my big collectible ornaments.
Hello Kitty
This next one is one of my very favorites because of the attention to detail, it caught my eye at the top of the tree and was the last one they had at Neiman Marcus and it was one of their 2007 limited editions.
Neiman Mahhhcus
Rather than common self portraits I like catching my reflection better.
Soon Dahlings, we will go play under the full moon like Vampires. ☽

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